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What’s Sailing

Capt. Nemo reocounts his adventures… Continue reading

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Learning PHP/mySQL Part 1

A tutorial series on creating a cool dynamic site using php/mysql. The first part focuses on installing and getting php/mysql to run (using xampp) and creating a dreamweweaver template to get the site running. Continue reading

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Nautilus : Behind The Curtains

Since everyone have those “how the heck did you do that?” moments when they look at me doing stuff, I decided to publish a listing of some of my favourite applications that I use so that I may redirect you to safe spot where you may choose things as you like. This listing may not suite your way of working, however you might find a gem or two along the way. This is not a listing of all softwares that I use. Rather just a collection of cool tools that I think every Windows user must be using. Continue reading

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Vortec – Version 3.0

Just a quick post to say that I updated Vortec to version 3.0. Check it out at Can’t work it out, send me a mail. Here’s the download link:

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Gamers Saga – Games to play and not to play

This article has been bubbling in my mind for quite some time, and I’ve decided to steam it off. There are games that you must play, like Mario or Contra. Then there are games that you play (Counter Strike, AoE). … Continue reading

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Welcome Aboard The Nautilus

This is my first real post on my brand new blog at wordpress, and quite seriously, I’m thrilled to get a new start. I hope this project would flourish unlike many of the other things I took up (Kasiasi, Papercut, … Continue reading

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