Vortec Wallpaper Changer 3.1

DOWNLOAD : [1]Dropbox or [2]Papercut. Please do try it, its just 600kb!


The Vortec Wallpaper Changer was made as a small batch file application to change the system’s wallpaper at a single click, without the need of running in background. This was its basic aim. To be there only when you need it.

What it does

The Vortec Wallpaper Changer changes your wallpaper when you click a shortcut link on the desktop, or use its hotkey (Ctrl Shift V by default). The hotkey may be changed, and other then changing your wallpaper folder, the software offers no customizations and no interface at all. This is supposed to be an application which is never visible, and it does so. It changes the wallpaper usually within 0.3 seconds, however the times may change during heavy loads.

What it does not do

The Vortec Wallpaper Changer is not a heavy app to control all your wallpaper needs. The random algorith used in the app is not too good and often results in not so random results, especially if you have few wallpapers. It is not an automatic wallpaper changer, ie you need to run it yourselves to change the wallpaper.

How to use

The only thing you have to do to use Vortec is run the setup file and tell it where your wallpapers are. For eg, my wallpapers are in D:\Pictures\Wallpaper. Change the path to wherever you keep your wallpapers. Wait for a few seconds and that is it. To test the wallpaper changer, double click the shortcut on the desktop or press Ctrl Shift V, the default hotkey to change the wallpaper.

Since v 2.8 the software also supports subfolders which means that the software also scans any subfolders for wallpapers. The only wallpapers that the tool recognizes are .jpg files and not any other format.

In case you are dissatisfied by the application or want to see more features, or believe it can be bettered, kindly contact me at capt.n3m0@gmail.com


The tool is useless for those using Windows 7. And in the footer I would like to mention the two tools that Vortec uses: CLWCP, and jpg2bmp by http://www.philipp-winterberg.com and http://sapopov.kominet.ru respectively.


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2 Responses to Vortec Wallpaper Changer 3.1

  1. Ananymous says:

    Did u make the application?

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