Vortec Updated

Just pushed out a major update for Vortec – my cute little wallpaper changing utility. Check it out here or download it from  [1]dropbox or [2]Google Sites. The changes in the new version are:

  • Now with a slick installer made using WinRAR. I tried several others, but they were too complicated.
  • Now automatically creates shorcuts
  • Whole code rewrite from the scratch, now does not rename any file, unlike previous versions which asked you to. Just picks up a random file, and applies it
  • Works without admin privileges
  • With a slight performance loss, due to increase in code size, and removal of admin privileges, which makes things a bit hazy.

For those who don’t know it is a wallpaper changing utility I made to ease the process. It chooses a random wallpaper, and applies it as the wallpaper. However it does not go beyond its current directory(next version?), have a bulky setup, evaluation version, or any settings screen. You double click, and it’s ready. It does not reside in the background, and makes use of three nifty utilities : nircmd, to run it without a screen, jpg2bmp to convert a wallpaper, and clwcp as the command line wallpaper changer.

UPDATE : Just noticed an issue with the newer version, that removes your wallpaper (turns screen black/white) if you log off, or leave the computer for a while. Just to tell, I’m working on patching this issue right now.


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One Response to Vortec Updated

  1. gr8mindgoneneanderthal says:

    just tried it. nice software. keep up the good work.

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