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Vortec Updated

For those who don’t know it is a wallpaper changing utility I made to ease the process. It chooses a random wallpaper, and applies it as the wallpaper. However it does not go beyond its current directory(next version?), have a bulky setup, evaluation version, or any settings screen. You double click, and it’s ready. It does not reside in the background, and makes use of three nifty utilities : nircmd, to run it without a screen, jpg2bmp to convert a wallpaper, and clwcp as the command line wallpaper changer. Continue reading

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Nautilus : Behind The Curtains

Since everyone have those “how the heck did you do that?” moments when they look at me doing stuff, I decided to publish a listing of some of my favourite applications that I use so that I may redirect you to safe spot where you may choose things as you like. This listing may not suite your way of working, however you might find a gem or two along the way. This is not a listing of all softwares that I use. Rather just a collection of cool tools that I think every Windows user must be using. Continue reading

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